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Why Choose roundglass obino?

Concerned about your health & weight but not getting the time to do anything about it? Now lose weight, get healthier & fitter with your own personal, dedicated Health & Weight Loss Coach! Your roundglass obino Coach will develop handmade diet & fitness plans for you, share healthy recipes and snack ideas as well as do constant reminders and follow-ups. In fact, your roundglass obino Coach will available to answer your questions and guide you instantly - all via your mobile!

It's easy, it's instant and it really works! Try roundglass obino, you'll love it!

Mayur Gada
BodyBuilding Program

RoundGlass Obino has been outstanding in helping me achieve my goal of muscle building and fat loss. The coaches Manoj and Dharti have a result oriented approach towards my fitness goals and it's extremely effective. The constant motivation and regular monitoring of my progress has made me all the more disciplined. My fitness levels are at all times high, thanks to my coaches.

Neetu Sinha
Lost 8 kgs in 3 months

I learned to cut down extra calories in food by making little modifications & I realized thyroid could be balanced with a healthy diet and exercise. I am thankful to roundglass obino for changing my life. Glad I chose you because here I am today feeling energetic, confident, healthy and happy with my body. My health issues have vanished and I live a very healthy lifestyle now.

Kabir Chandra
Lost 12 kgs in 1.5 months

My excess weight gave me lot of health problems like gout, acidity, fatty liver, under confidence, lethargy, depression & slip disc! I had lost control but roundglass obino coaching has not just helped me to lose 12 kgs in 6 weeks but has helped me feel more confident, healthy & active. No more acidity & health issues!

Dishu Maatra
Lost 4.5 kgs in a month

It's been 1 month and 6 days following coach Manoj's workout routine and coach Sana's diet plan and i have got good result. I am really happy and thankful to both of you for helping me achieve my goals. Manoj sir, you are really an inspiration for me and Sana mam your diet plan give me a lot of energy for hardwork, without your diet my workout is zero. Just because of roundglass obino i have got wonderful results. Thank you Manoj sir, thank you Sana mam. And thank you so much roundglass obino. "I love roundglass obino"

Saurabh Newaskar
Lost 10 kgs in 4 months

Drastic changes in my weight due to crazy work related travelling and socializing hit me hard & it got difficult for me to concentrate on work due to lethargy and drastic drop in stamina. Thanks RoundGlass Obino for making me lose 10 kgs in 4 months! Sharing meal pictures and follow ups worked wonders!

Meenal Nagar
Lost 5 kgs in 2 months

Irregular meals, unhealthy eating habits, skipping meals at times had taken a toll on my health. I was further devastated by the fact that, I was unable to fit in my most favourite clothes! But all thanks to roundglass obino, I was guided & encouraged to eat right. Successfully lost 5 kgs in less than 2 months!

Vikram Chaudhary
Lost 13 kgs in 2 months

More than the diet & workout routine, roundglass obino gave me that necessary push I needed to get back on track. Diet options were extremely flexible & also included weekend cheat meals. Biggest plus is the regular update & checks after each meal which allows one to stay on course. Knocked off 13 kgs in 2 Months!

3 kgs in 15 days

Dear Coach Yukti, I have always liked Surya Namaskar when others did it but was skeptical myself. With roundglass obino assigning you as my fitness coach I realized how easy it is to practice myself. Today I have lost 3 kgs in 15 days straight. I also feel much relaxed when I finish my fitness plan. Thank you for passing on your energy and making me feel great.

Lost 9 kgs in 3 months

Erratic eating patterns started showing its effects on my health! But after joining roundglass obino I find myself more disciplined now. My stamina has gone up and I can easily climb 200 stairs! I am myself amazed to see the results. All that one needs, is a proper guidance and roundglass obino successfully delivered both!

Lost 6 kgs in 2 months

I chose roundglass obino to lose my post pregnancy weight and I did so in the most healthy way and regained my confidence while receiving several compliments. Eating healthy makes you feel good about yourself. RoundGlass Obino's health coaching is definitely a healthy and convenient way of losing weight and gaining health.

Lost 5 kgs in 2 months

PhD kept me busy and I neglected my health. I also suffered from PCOD and borderline sugar due to obesity. I opted for roundglass obino and within just 3 weeks, I could see the difference. I could feel the change in my weight, confidence, stamina and even my moods. Finally, something worked for me so well!

Supriya Malhotra

It's been 3 months with roundglass obino and my coach Manoj Sarangapani is very enthusiastic about fitness & practices what he preaches, thereby becoming a role model for aspiring physical freaks. He is very passionate about his work and that will take him a long way. I have preserved fitness videos shared by him for constant guidance.Wish him all the luck. Only one limitation of online app, face to face coaching and interaction bears more fruitful results.

Ankita Newaskar
Lost 2.5 kgs in 1 month

Of all the diets that I have come across, roundglas obino worked the best for me. It's a healthy way of losing weight. Giving the regular dishes a healthy twist. Thanks a ton RoundGlass Obino for guiding me to choose a healthy lifestyle and making me lose weight by actually eating more than I ever had!

Yashaswini Arun
Lost 7 kgs in 2 months

Due to over eating, I had gained almost 28 kgs during my pregnancy course and was really worried about the gain! But post 6-7 months of lactation I opted for the roundglass obino coaching program! And have successfully reduced 7 kgs in just 2 months! Thanks RoundGlass Obino for making me a Fit Mommy!

Bhagyashree Shah
Lost 7 kgs in 3 months

The weight gain had affected my confidence, gave severe backaches & Weakness. Tried many Indian weight loss apps but none suited me as I am based in UK, but am pure Indian by heart! But the virtual support via roundglass obino coaching, weekly diet plans & meal reminders helped me to lose 7 kgs in 3 months!

Lost 12 kgs in 5 months

I never really thought that I would struggle with weight loss but when I moved to Germany in November 2014 post marriage, the sudden change in eating habits started affecting my weight. Opted for roundglass Obino and have lost 12 kgs in 5 months! Healthy eating has even regularised my monthly cycle!

Jitendra Bansal
Lost 11 kgs in 4 months

I was struggling since past 2.5 years to lose weight & have opted for many weight loss programs before! But, thanks to roundglass obino I have lost 11 kgs in 4 Months. My cholesterol profile has become normal, the elevated uric acid levels have dropped & liver profile reports have improved. I am off medications now!

Tanushree Madhu
Lost 9 kgs in 5 months

"It's been only 5 months since my journey of weight loss started with roundglass obino, but, what a journey it has been so far! I am loving my new body( lost 9.2 kgs; and 8.5 inches overall) and the confidence that it has brought along with it. My gratitude lies with coach Ritu, who made my journey fun & nutrilicious!

Deepali Chaudhary
Lost 5.7 kgs in 2 months

My husband and I started on roundglass obino with Coach Priya. The best part about starting with roundglass obino with Priyas help is the discipline that my routine has now. Post delivery, losing weight became an uphill task and am glad for the structure and help that roundglass obino has brought in to my days! Thank you!

Neeraj Sirur
Lost 5 kgs in 2 months

Priya is the only diet coach I've known who makes sense! I am a foodie who likes to eat. Priya takes that aspect of my 'self' and designs the diet plan around it. She also guides and coaches my eating habits, tolerates my occasional tantrums but makes sure I stick to what I've signed up for. Thank you Priya.

Resham Kaur Bindra
Lost 4 kgs in 1 months

As I have many health complications and got a major surgery done less than a year back, losing weight through exercise wasn't an option. Thanks to RoundGlass ObiNo I lost weight healthily and have started feeling happier. Coaches take personal interest in their work and are always ready for help and advice.

Shweta Srivastava
Lost 4.3 kgs in 5 months

I am an IT professional and don't have time for exercise. While browsing I got to know about roundglass obino, I joined it and started reducing from the day one. Best thing is that I have access to my personal dietitian 24x7. Also doing weight loss with a set of weight loss buddies is more enjoyable then doing it alone.

Shivani Verma
Lost 3 kgs in 1 months

Tried the IDEAL WEIGHT DIET & lost 3 Kgs in just 1 Month."RoundGlass 1st ever diet mentor. It's just been a week and i am already feeling the change of being more energetic and motivated for being regular at this diet...So all d girls out dere, be in shape dis season…Be curvy, be gorgeous...!!!"

Dr. Ambreen Pandrowala
Lost 3 kgs in 2 months

RoundGlass Obino has been an awesome experience from the start. My coach took out time to understand my extremely erratic schedule and patiently made even last minute changes. Great food plans which from the first day made me feel more energetic and covered all nutrients beautifully well with delicious food options.

Shail Vaz
Lost 3.5 kgs in 6 months

Never thought I can eat and lose weight too. Thanx to RoundGlass Obino's positive, consistent & friendly coaches who with sincere interests n efforts helped me with innovative diet plans and fitness inputs. More than me roundglass obiNo kept a track on my schedule. All in all, a complete comprehensive program meant for some serious business of weight loss"

Shilpa Goel
Lost 2.7 kgs in 3 months

Coach Priya has been like an elder sister, she scolds for going off the track n claps for being on track. She is knowledgeable, friendly, & understanding. With her, You just can't be off the track on your diet. She knows very well how to control your diet.. Even on my holiday I can't even think of not following her advice.

Geetanjali Ichpal
Lost 2 kgs in 2 months

I had consulted dieticians in the past but always ended up frustrated and starved without losing a single kg. But with roundglass obino I learnt the art of losing weight with good eating. I have maintained the lost weight and am continuing healthy lifestyle. I am highly grateful to Priya to help kick start my weight loss journey!

Protima Singh
Lost 1.7 kgs in 2.5 months

The journey has been an absolute delight. Their coaches are patient, dedicated, fun and full of ideas and take regular inputs for producing an interesting program. The best part about roundglass obino and Coach Priya is not forcing themself to prove any targets but rather guide in moving forward towards healthy decisions for my body.

Himanshu Mehta

The coach tries to work with your likes and dislikes. I always thought this was a diet consultancy alone, but was later surprised to know that they even suggest workout routines. The coach follows up constantly 24*7 via email and instant messaging. The body feels lighter. Am happy to eat clean and healthy.

Sweta Tiwari

There are two best things why you should use roundglass obino, one is the water reminder and second is the human coach. My work life is very hectic and roundglass obino makes sure I eat right and on time. I would personally recommend you to try it out, the water reminders and coach support will definitely help you achieve your target!


Downloaded & tried the RoundGlass Obino Android App & loved it! Congratulations on creating such an efficient app. It makes my food choices really easy. And I love the inspiring articles you keep adding from time to time. What I like is the simplicity of your app. No fancy terms, nothing. Just plain simple and full of goodness!

JD Singh

Priya is a professional coach with a very balanced approach and caters well to complex clients like me who have hectic travel schedules and often are difficult to manage meals in time! Really appreciate her hard work and flexibility in designing my meal programs so perfectly! Joining roundglass obino was definitely a great decision for me!

Radhika Mehra

I have been very lucky to have someone like Priya as my coach. She has been very easy to talk with, patient, fun, friendly and very helpful for all my needs. She is always accessible and helps work as per my schedule. She would twist my diets to make it convenient for me. The experience has been worthwhile. Thanks for her help.

Lost 10.5 kgs in 2.5 months

With a few changes in my diet which was easily do-able, my compliance was almost 100% of the prescribed diet. I also increased my activity level. I lost 4 kgs in 1 month and couldn't be happier. Thank-you RoundGlass Obino for helping me change and realize that diet is the most important approach towards a healthy lifestyle.

Soniya Chhabriya
Lost 10 kgs in 3.5 months

RoundGlass Obino's diet consisted of everyday foods in a healthier way and guided portion size. I was still feeding my baby and the diet did not interfere with it at all. The timely reminders made it easier to stick to the plan. Juggling between house and baby, I couldn't exercise, but following diet religiously helped me lose weight.

Lost 10 kgs in 4 months

Thanks to RoundGlass Obino, my knee and back pain due to weight have reduced. I feel like a completely different person and have fallen in love with my new self. I love my healthy habits and adhere to it with great obedience. With roundglass obino losing weight is not a difficult task which is in contrast to my earlier notions.

Minal Sharma
Lost 9 kgs in 4 months

I have always lead a healthy-lifestyle but hormonal changes made it difficult to lose weight. With RoundGlass Obino I never felt like I am on a diet as it had home made foods. My biggest breakthrough is that, I have come down to a Large from Xtra Large and hopefully will come down to a Medium with roundglass obino's help.

Lost 9 kgs in 2 months

I did not know healthy food can be tasty too. I receive so many compliments that I look younger and smarter. From double XL I now fit into XL, which also means finding my size clothes will not be a problem. RoundGlass Obino has helped me walk on the path to good health and confidence. I am loving my weight loss journey.

Lost 8.4 kgs in 2.5 months

I mainly needed a push to follow a healthy routine and at roundglass obino, I received that in abundance. The constant updates and reminders by my coach made me feel accountable to her. My exercise levels went up and the diet gave me strength to get more active. My healthy habits will stay with me forever.

Amith Manniken
Lost 7 kgs in 2 months

RoundGlass Obino has taught me balanced eating. Thanks to RoundGlass Obino I have gradually increased my activity & have learnt food portion control. To my surprise, though I was a foodie with a sweet tooth, I have completely stopped junk & reduced my sweet intake. I now believe being unhealthy is simply not a choice.

Sandhya Naga
Lost 7 kgs in 2.5 months

My lifestyle has changed for good and I have become conscious of portion size and quality of food intake. I knew salads are important but did not know the right amount & comnbinations. More than weight loss, I have realised that it is more important to stay healthy although I am ecstatic with joy over my progress.

Jagdish Kaur
Lost 6 kgs in 1.5 months

RoundGlass Obino's coaching and diet protocols are very easy to follow. You will get an optimised home-based diet; no fancy, tasteless foods are suggested. Post roundglass obino I have started thinking and eating healthy without starving. My gastric issues have subsided. I feel more energetic. Happy to come across roundglass obino.

Mini Chandra
Lost 6 kgs in 3 months

Like most home-makers, I spend most of my time in daily chores, giving least attention to myself. But, RoundGlass Obino's coaching benefited me in such an easy way, that I never imagined. I feel lighter, more energetic and can complete more activities in a day. I feel more positive and good about myself.

Lost 5 kgs in 1.5 months

While trying weight loss I realized that, diet is quintessential for losing weight. I joined RoundGlass Obino and its diet seemed tailored for me. I was eating regular foods just at the right time and in the right combination. I have learnt to eat in moderation, stick to home cooked foods and working out hand-in-hand.

Uzra Banu
Lost 2 kgs in 1 months

I feel lucky I chose roundglass obino & love the way it works as compared to other apps. The coaches are very dedicated & friendly. They motivate me & help me stay on track.With wide variety of healthy meals its convenient to choose what to cook. Special thanks to Coach Vriti who gives attention to every meal of mine.

*Disclaimer : Weight Loss & other results may vary from person to person basis compliance

What Will You Get?

Expert Coaching

Get support & encouragement from your roundglass obino coach to stick to your daily health plan. Our coaches are professionals in the space of clinical nutrition, food science, yoga, fitness training & lifestyle / disease management. We pair you with them one-on-one so that you have an expert watching over your lifestyle changes 24x7.

What Will You Get?

Personalised Plans

Our personalised diet & fitness plans are made to suit your taste. After a detailed consultation on call, our coaches put together a diet & fitness plan basis the kind of food you like to eat, your work and sleep timings & the kind of fitness equipment available to you.

What Will You Get?

Indian Food Library

We pride ourselves on having one of the largest databases for Indian Dishes with over 8,000 indian foods to help you track your calories. At the click of a button, get the calories & macronutrient profile of your food & simply upgrade to get instant, healthy meal suggestions from our experts based on where you are.

What Will You Get?

Real Time Analysis

Take corrective action in real-time! Track your meals, exercise & water onsumption on our App's Diary on which your health coach can comment on in real-time. Understand your food and exercise behaviour with real time trends and analysis of your intake and micronutrients per meal.

Why Are We Loved?

G. Mohan

Lost 5 kgs in 5 weeks

"roundglass obino Coach Minoti has been very patiently following up with me; correcting me on my wrong moves and solving my myths. Losing 1 kilo in just 3 days encouraged me to hold on to this loosing spree. What I have learnt with roundglass obino is that "Weight loss is 70% of food control and 30% of exercise" and I hope to continue on this motto. Like money is difficult to earn and more tough to save; Weight loss is easy to achieve but maintaining is more difficult and I'm sure that with roundglass obino's help and support, I will be able to do so."

*Disclaimer : Weight Loss & other results may vary from person to person basis compliance
Abhiroopa Mathur

Lost 3.5 kgs in 2 months

"Thanks to roundglass obino I have more energy, and I know to some extent what is good for me and what isn't, which helps me make healthier choices overall. I have learned portion control and do not get cravings like before. I fit into jeans I bought 4 years ago and can now tuck my shirts in and wear them! Something I had struggled with for so long! Working out (output) is just 30% of the battle. 70% is what you put into your body (input). Love and respect yourself, alter your eating habits, make sure you have a coach to encourage you, and you will find yourself achieving your targets sooner than you imagined!"

*Disclaimer : Weight Loss & other results may vary from person to person basis compliance
Ranjit Deval

Lost 10 kgs in 4 months

"After self attempts for losing weight and reaching a never shifting plateau, I realised that I required knowledgeable assistance. With real-time daily reporting and consultation, the system seemed fool proof and roundglass obino's coaching was that 1 missing ingredient that completed my success formula. The food items suggested are based on your own food habits and are carefully regulated to help you achieve your desired goals. All this makes the program very sustainable. Coach Saaziya has been a very patient listener and very supportive especially in guiding me about the principles rather than just working out a diet plan and ensure compliance."

*Disclaimer : Weight Loss & other results may vary from person to person basis compliance

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