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Team Behind Obino

Obino is your Health & Weight Loss Coach on mobile. We were founded by a Team that struggled with personal issues of weight loss and lifestyle modification & decided to build a solution that they could use themselves! We believe in being with you at every step of your journey towards good health, providing you with the right information and motivating you to stay on track towards a healthier lifestyle.


Ritu Srivastava


Ritu heads the Product vision and has been often accused of creating ObiNo purely for herself. She doesn't deny the accusation. She's been there, done that & wants to make sure that others have it easier.

Vishal Soni


Vishal is the money-man at ObiNo, keeping a strict eye on the finances and making sure that all runs smoothly on the Legal & Accounting fronts. An exercise nut, he keeps us motivated & on our toes.

Yogesh Sachdeva


Yogesh is the rock on which the church of ObiNo is built. A technical whiz, he ensures that our systems are up & running 24×7 so that you can have a smooth, seamless experience across our various interfaces.


Yatin Pahwa

Advisor, ObiNo

Yatin is currently VP - Strategy & Business Development within the Digital Business Unit of Deutsche Telekom, and is based in London. He has been part of Deutsche Telekom since 2012, and prior to that, has held senior level roles in Nokia (UK), Airtel and Swisscom-Essar. An MBA and Engineering graduate - he has worked in the Telecom industry throughout his 18 year career, managing Strategy, Product Marketing, Product Development and Business Development in regions across Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa.

Sanil Kumar MB

Advisor, ObiNo

Currently Managing Partner, Kumar & Biju Associates, Sanil is a Member of ICAI since 1989 & a reputed member of the Financial community with many offices in India & UAE. With 600+ leading clientele, he is the financial consultant to reputed South Indian Megastars - Mohanlal and Mammootty - and an Advisor to H.E. Sheik Ali Bin Althani of Qatar and the Principal Consultant to Hadher Group, Abu Dhabi, UAE amongst many other reputed Corporates and HNIs! Also rated 880/900 by CIBIL!



Diet Coach,
Masters in Food Science & Nutrition

Saaziya holds a Masters in Food Science & Nutrition from SNDT University and is affiliated with the NSI (Nutrition Society of India). With a positive attitude and soft spoken skills, she helps clients with developing a healthy lifestyle & diet that works for them.


Diet Coach
P.G in Dietetics & Applied Nutrition

Bhumika Lodaya is a Post Graduate with 5.5 years of collective experience in Counseling & Clinical Nutrition and has conducted community nutrition lectures having received appreciation by Indian Dietetic association. She gently guides lifestyles for healthy & happy living.


Diet Coach
P.G.D in Dietetics & P.G.D in Diabetes Education

Shraddha, a Post Graduate Degree in Dietetics & Hospital Food Service and a Post Graduate Diploma in Diabetic Education with 10 years of work experience in Weight Loss Counselling and Clinical Nutrition, helps clients incorporate healthy eating habits to by providing inspiration and moral support to achieve weight loss goals.


Diet Coach,
M.Sc. Gold Medalist

Vriti has done her Masters from MS University, Baroda and holds a collective experience of 3 years in Clinical Nutrition, Weight & Diabetes Management. She believes that the human body is the finest machine, which needs the right combination of Food, Rest & Exercise. A small step is all it takes to stay Happy Healthy and Fit.


Diet Coach

Priya is an IDA-Registered Dietician with 6 years of experience in Clinical Nutrition & Health Counselling. An M.Sc Gold Medalist, her passion lies in helping people stay motivated in their weight loss efforts and will prove to be a dedicated coach at all times. She is an ardent guiding force to all her clients for the better.


Diet Coach
PG in Dietetics & Food Service Management

Jeeveetha, a Post Graduate in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service, holds a collective experience of 3 years in Clinical Nutrition, Counselling and Weight Management. With her experience in clinical and wellness industry, she helps in shaping lifestyles for a healthy living. She believes being healthy is not a trend but a way of life.


Diet Coach
BSc in Applied Nutrition & Sports Nutrition

Dharti Sonavaria, a Nutritionist specialised in Sports Nutrition and Personal Trainer with 4 years of experience in Fitness Industry believes in Healthy Living and "You Are What You Eat". She never stops educating herself to deliver best knowledge and bring passion for fitness in her clients.


Diet Coach

Pranita, IDA Registered Dietician with 9+ years of experience in clinical and sports nutrition.Her mantra for fitness is Redefine health by dreaming for it and working towards it.


Diet Coach
Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics

Priyanka has done her Masters from MRI University, Faridabad, in Nutrition and Dietetics & has 4 years of experience in Clinical Nutrition and Weight Management. She believes that healthy diet and exercise is the way to wholesome health. She excels in communication skills and gently motivates clients for a good diet and health.


Diet Coach
Diploma in Diet and nutrition

Jyoti has a Diploma in Diet and nutrition from SNDT University & has an experience of over 10 years in the field of Nutrition. Jyoti believes that health is about being disciplined in life which automatically leads one to greater success. Her motto - "Train like an athlete, eat like a nutritionist, sleep like a baby, win like a champion".


Diet Coach
Masters in Foods and Nutrition

Rachel Alexander, holds a Masters in Food Science and has a Specilization in Nutrigenomics with an experience of 2 .5 years in Wellness and Health Care. Her traits of proactive counselling and effective disease management have touched numerous lives. Her motto is "Let the food be your Medicine and not medicine to be your food".


Diet Coach
Masters in Foods and Nutrition

Aasavaree Phadke Joshi holds a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator and Nutrigenomic Counselor. With a 4 years of total experience in the field, she possess a long term vision to make health living assessible to all. She excels in counseling her clients to improve their quality of life.


Diet Coach
Masters in Foods and Nutrition

Alpana Tarkar, is a Clinical Nutrionist with a Post Graduation in Nutrition & Dietetics. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator as well & has 8 years of experience in the field. She has helped many people improve their medical profile & believes in achieving a healthy body & mind effortlessly through minor changes in the daily routine.


Diet Coach
P.G Diploma in Applied Nutrition & Dietetics

Purnima has done her P.G. in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition. She has an experience of around 10 years in clinical, lfestyle & weight managment. She has conducted various corporate activities, seminars and has handled cafeteria audits in various food industries. She has judjed the Biggest Loser Challenge for Kellog's. She belives Eat Healthy Be Wealthy.


Diet Coach
Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics

Eesha has done her Masters in Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics. She has an experience of around 3 years in the field of Clinical, Healthcare & Weight Management. Counselling as a fortay, she believes that nutrition is the key to bring change in wellbeing of a person. Her motto - "Eat smart to nurture and nourish the body and mind"


Diet Coach
P.G. Diploma in Applied Nutrition and Dietetics

Kinjal Shah has done her PG in Dietetics. She has collective experience of 5 years in counselling clients. She specializes in weight management & clinical nutrition and is a sports nutriotionist as well. She stresses on a holistic approach towards fitness rather than a rapid changeover. She has always emphasized on staying healthy and fit.


Diet Coach
M.Sc.(Food and Nutrition), B.Sc.(Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics)

Vaishali Khanna has done her Masters in Food and Nutrition. She has been affiliated with Gujarat University and with BFY - Better Fitness for you as a faculty. She has a collective experience of 8+ years in the field of healthcare. Making lives better through Nutrition is her passion and want people to lead a disease free life.

Disti Vira

Diet Coach
PG Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics & Diabetes Educator

Disti has done her PG in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics and is a certified Health coach, Diabetes educator and a health blogger. She ardently brings together her acquired nutrition knowledge & health aspects with people's goals to achieve a healthy life. Her Motto - "We don't have to be great to start, but we have to start to be great".


Fitness Coach

Abhishek Thakur has done his Fitness Management & Functional Training Certification and has 7+ years of work experience. He has worked with some of the most premium health clubs of India where he was The Fitness Manager & Celebrity Fitness Coach. He believes in customising the workout plan while considering the client's fitness needs and preferable training module with a belief in the saying BeFitBeHit!


Fitness Coach
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Wellness Coach.

Anushree is a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Sports Nutritionist, Functional Trainier and a Wellness Coach and has 3 years of experience as a personal trainer. She believes in using holistic mind & body philosophies along with customization, to acheive and maintain fitness goals. Her motto - "if you take care of your body, your body will take care of you"

Kalpesh Sawant

Fitness Coach
Diploma in Foundation of Yoga & Power Yoga

Kalpesh Sawant holds a Diploma in Foundation of Yoga and Practice in Soul Shakti Fitness Firm & has almost 4.5 years of experience. He specialises in Power Yoga, Functional Training and Crossfit Programme. He strongly believes "When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others."

Kalpesh Joyshi

Fitness Coach
Diploma in Foundation of Yoga & Power Yoga

Kalpesh Joyshi is a certified Fitness Trainer with Kettlebell and TRX Certification. He has been in the fitness industry since 4.5 years. He specializes in Resistance and Endurance Training and has trained many participants for the Marathon. He has been associated with many well known Fitness Centres like 48 Fitness & Biorhythm Gym.


Fitness Coach
Advanced Body Building Trainer Trainer

Manoj Sarangapani has been certified by BICP in Advanced Body Building Training Techniques - Master Trainer & Advanced Physique Transformation - Master Trainer & also has B.E. Degree - Electronics and Communication. He has been adjudged twice as Mr. Tamil Nadu as an overall champion. He believes in fetching results while keeping the clients injury-free. His motto is "Walk the Talk"


Fitness Coach
Certified Fitness and Personal Trainer

Yogesh is a Certified Fitness and Personal Trainer from K-11 Fitness Academy with 5 years of experience in this field. He specializes in body training floor workout and has worked in various gyms as a personal trainer. His motto is "Fitness is not about being better than smeone else... Its about being better than you used to be"


Yoga Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher

Yukti is a certified Ashthang Yoga Trainer from The Yoga Institute & a Power Yoga adviser from Chittranjan's Academy. She has an experience of over 6 years & has been conducting regular workshops for corporates & hospitality clients along with various honorary sessions for general awareness of Yoga. She believes that everything is possible if you believe in yourself.


Yoga Coach
Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga

Rahul Mishra holds a Diploma in Naturopathy and Yoga from Gandhi National with a specialization in Traditional Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Naturopathy Treatments and Reiki Healing. He strongly believes that Body achieves what Mind believes

Aashay Hatkar

Fitness Coach
Certified Personal Trainer & Yoga Trainer

Aahay has an experience of 8+ years and is a K11 and ACSM certified personal trainer. He is a certified Power Yoga trainer and a swimming instructor. His expertise lies in functional training targeting body recomposition and in overall strenght and conditioning. His motto is, "Consistency is the key to fitness".

Shailesh Mishra

Fitness Coach
Certified Personal trainer

A Certified Personal trainer from K11 Academy of Fitness science, Mumbai, Shailesh holds an experience of 2.5 years into Fitness Industry. He has successfully handled international clients for strength training and functional training. He believes 'Fitness is all about the correct Mindset.'

Donald Koli

Fitness Coach
Certified Fitness Personal Trainer

Donald Koli is a certified fitness trainer from IFSA (Intellectual Fitness and Sports Academy). With an experience of 4+ years, he has been trained under Olympian Pro Builder specialist Dennis James & celebrity trainer Rakesh Udiyar. Along with a sense of well being leading to a healthier lifestyle, he firmly belives "Stop Wishing Start Doing"

Hemant Padwal

Fitness Coach
Certified Fitness Personal Trainer

Hemant Padwal has 11 years of experience in the field of fitness training with an expertise in strength & conditioning training. He holds a certification in Dramatic Transformation Principle & Yodha 3 Dimensional Training under international fitness coaches Kris Gethin & Neil Hill. He believes 'Daily workout is an investment for a fit Life.'


Dhananjay Singh

Technical Manager

Experienced Technical Resource with 6+ Years of Experience in developing and delivering multiple consumer facing applications, including CRM Projects for Telcos, Hospital Management Software, CMS systems and Survey Applications, etc.


Java Web Developer

With over 4 years of development under his belt, Himanshu has to his credit over 8 projects including Smart Procurement Systems, CMMS applications as well as CRM and CMS applications for large Telcos implemented nationally.

Siddhartha Singh

Java Developer

An MCA from Birla Institute Of Applied Sciences, Bhimtal, Siddhartha enjoys working on & has a speciality in JAVA Technologies like Struts2, EJB & Spring & has also worked extensively on E-commerce & other web applications.


Senior Android Developer

Vinay, currently a Senior Android App Developer with over 4 years of experience has developed several enterprise android apps on Google play like Eatigo, Flexi carpool, etc and worked on E-commerce, ERP, online tracking tool & travel domain.

Manoj Kumar

Android Developer

Manoj holds a B.Tech degree from M.S.I.T, Guru Gobind Singh Inderprastha University, New Delhi & excels in his role as an application developer. A keen observer of the latest trends in User Interface Design in which his analytical skills stand in good stead.


Manager Graphic Designer

Rahul is a talented graphic designer with 3 years of experience. He portrays a combined skill set of Photoshop Coreldraw, Adobe Aftereffects & Axure. With a great aesthetic sense, he combines art and technology to perfectly communicate Obino's ideas through images & design elements.


Java Developer

Prashant, a B.Tech Graduate from DIT School of Engineering, Greater Noida has completed industrial training from TBWA. He has previously worked on a Java based online shopping project at college level and is currently working on Java technology, struts framework.


Java Developer

Niranjan Kumar has 3.5+ years of development experience in working on Java,php technologies like struts2, hibernate, sugar, CRM, etc. His specialty is developing e-commerce & classified websites.


Java Developer

A goal oriented MCA professional with ability to handle dual role of Java developer and functional tester. Working closely with development team to ensure bug-free releases.


Senior Android Developer

Having over 4 years of experience in android development, Rajesh is a technology geek and sports lover. He has managed and delivered several android applications. Smart24x7 and Remote Optimizer are few of those.


Senior iOS developer

Manoj's goal is to design technology with the human in mind, crafting a usable and intuitive user interface experience and highly readable and easily maintainable source code for efficient development. I am intensely passionate about, and skilled in, engineering Mac OS X, iPhone, and iPad applications using Cocoa and Objective-C.


iOS developer

Kanika, an MCA from Department of Computer Science and Applications, Kurukshetra University. She has an experience of over 2.5+ years as an iOS developer. She has previously worked on iOS utility applications and 2-D games like Bell the Cat, Epic Sudoku, Hard to Catch

Sales & Marketing


Customer Success

Sonali with 6 years of direct sales experience behind a youthful façade is the Customer Success lead at Obino. Engaging with our users and helping them select programs that work for them is her forte.


AVP,Business Development

Atish has done his Executive MBA in marketing and holds 8 years of marketing experience which includes IIFL & Multi-Speciality tertiary care hospitals like SevenHills Healthcity and Sir H. N. Reliance Foundation Hospital.


Business Development

Sankesh has done his MBA in Marketing from IBSAR. He holds a total experience of 3 years into Sales & Marketing in Healthcare, IT industry with SevenHills Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. & Webtel Electrosoft Pvt. Ltd.


Head - Marketing

Akhil has a Masters Degree in Business Management and comes with an experience of more than 10 years. He has worked on direct consumer brands in the past in the media and digital space. Reliance Entertainment, Fox Star Studios and Mauj Mobile are some of the companies that he has worked with. A digital marketing and content enthusiast, Akhil is a sports enthusiast and big time foodie.

Harshal Jadhav

Business Development

Harshal has done his Executive MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University and holds a 8 years of experience in Healthcare Industry which includes Dr L H Hiranandani Hospital, Sevenhills Hospital and in Raksha TPA Ltd.


Marketing Executive

Dhanashree holds a Master's degree in E-commerce and certification in Digital Marketing. Her sound knowledge in IT & Commerce is an add-on for handling projects better. She is inquisitive, ready to learn and a good listener.


Senior Product Manager

With 5+ years experience in the startup ecosystem, Pankaj has co-founded 2 startups - Fitard and TrustyDeal. Have been playing around tech and product. Connects product with innovation. Poet and Dancer.


Assistant Manager - Sales

Aswin holds 3 years of experience in direct sales & marketing at a platform like Quikr India Pvt Ltd. He is a good listener with strong communication & relation building skills making him apt for his field.


Assistant Manager - Sales

With 4+ years of experience in direct sales and marketing, Shiv has mastered the art of relationship building. He holds good confidence in solving customer queries and convincing skills. He has been associated with platforms such as Quikr India Pvt Ltd & JustDial.


Product Analyst

Nikita holds a master's degree in business administration and has an experience of 6+ years in various domains of marketing involving advertising, branding, sales, project management and digital marketing. She believes in being a learner and travel as the best teacher. In Obino she will be handling a position of Product Analyst.


Product Head

Product is my passion. Love listening to customers, understanding their problems and create solutions for them, which they will put to use.With 10+ years of experience in IT/E-commerce and have worked with companies like Infosys, redBus, Ola I still feel the urge to gain more knowledge each day I work for. I love to cook at spare time I am a complete junk food eater, with weighing 90kgs (At a height of 5'3 ft). Unluckily for me I am now associated with health startup and now controlling my diet :(


Sr Sales Manager

Farheen comes with an overall experience of 11 years in Sales and Customer Service in the field of Hospitality, Aviation, BPO and Export Industry.She excels at interacting with different people, building a great rapport and is a tactful communicator. She is a strategic thinker with a "get-it-done" attitude.




Sudhindra holds a Masters Degree in Economics & Financial Management & is a rank-holder from MDS University. He loves teaching and has 7 years of experience in accounting and taxation with the likes of Bharti Axa Life Insurance, Siyarams etc



A Commerce graduate, Mayur has two years of experience with Nixon Engineers and Contractors in Accounts and has worked extensively on Tally ERP 9 and Excel models. Mayur believes in hard work and persistence to achieve the best results.


Assistant Manager- H.R.

Mona has done her MBA in Human Resource and holds 4+ years of experience into Talent Acquisition & HR operations. She was associated with TVC Sky Shop, Quess Corp Ltd & Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital, etc. She loves interacting with different people & travelling is her passion.

Rohan Gharat

Assistant Manager- (Accounting & Finance)

Rohan Gharat holds 6 years of experience in accounting & taxation with the likes of Tytan Organics & Spectrum Healthcare. He is a great team worker and loves knowledge sharing.

Investors of Obino

There are transformative things happening in healthcare. Forces are reshaping the industry spurring a vibrant, innovative ecosystem where people are rethinking current processes and envisioning new models for the future."

Sunny Singh
Founder, RoundGlass

Team Obino's relentless focus on the consumer needs and its willingness to adapt and innovate are exemplary. Well done and congratulations."

Pradeep K Jaisingh
Founder, Healthstart

Partners of Obino

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